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Research Guides

Translational Research Program

Library resources for students to find health, data/statistical and industry/market information

Industry Profiles

Industry profiles identify leading companies and provide market forecasts, market segmentation and industry trends.

For freely available information, check out consulting firm (Deloitte, Ernst & Young, PWC, KPMG) websites to see if they have industry reports. You can often search offices by region.  Also check bank websites; law firms may have reports for industries like mining or M&A industry reports; government industry and statistical data sites are also good sources of information. 

To learn more about various industries, search for industry profiles, statistics and associations, or search by SIC or NAICS code using instructions on the UTL Entrepreneurship Guide.

SWOT analysis

Try the following databases for PESTLE or SWOT analysis on a company, industry, or country/region.

Trade Publications

Trade publications and business-to-business journals are a good source of current industry news, and may offer industry and market statistics that you can not find elsewhere. Check the source of data in reports to see if you can access more information.

The following databases have excellent coverage of trade publications.

MaRS Market Sizing

Learn how to calculate the market size for any product. Get a practical 30-minute introduction to market sizing and learn the fundamentals of market research with MaRS Market Intelligence.

Industry Associations

Industry associations and trade groups are an excellent source of industry statistics and reports, generally available on their websites or through their publications.

Google or your preferred search engine is the most efficient way to find relevant associations in your desired industry. Try using search terms like "industry association," "industry group," "trade group," "trade organization," etc.