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Paulo Freire

Pamphlets and brochures

The OISE Library Paulo Freire Collection includes a wide array of pamphlets and brochures. Some of these materials were produced by organizations offering programs about implementing Freire's theories and methodologies, while others offered programs that were inspired by Freire's ideas.

Selected Paulo Freire pamphlets and brochures have been included below. Information about additional Paulo Freire pamphlets and brochures is available in the Freire Bibliography and in the Pamphlets and Brochures Guide linked below. 

Selected pamphlets and brochures

Pamphlet from center for the study of developmentCenter for the Study of Development and Social Change

Call Number: OHEC Freire AR-D.EN9

This pamphlet promotes the Center for the Study of Development and Social Change, an organization dedicated to studying and communicating about social change. The pamphlet includes:

  • topics of special interest
  • typical past and current activities
  • publications
  • services and resources available
Institute of Cultural ActionPamphlet for the Institute of Cultural Action

Call Number: OHEC Freire AR-D.EN10

This pamphlet is from a Geneva-based non-profit interested in raising awareness about conscientization. The pamphlet includes a definition of conscientization and a description of the ways in which the Institute of Cultural Action implemented its mission.


New World CoalitionPamphlet for the New World Coalition

Call Number: OHEC Freire AR-D.EN11

This pamphlet is from a Boston non-profit interested in helping people use their economic power to support social initiatives both in their own communities and abroad. The pamphlet describes three programs developed by the New World Coalition. This item also contains a list of materials available from the New World Coalition in support of their mission.

Frontier CollegePamphlet for Frontier College

Call Number: OHEC Freire AR-E2.EN4

Frontier College is a Canadian non-profit interested in adult and community education in remote areas of Canada. The pamphlet advertises the organization's community education projects and includes brief descriptions of recent projects.

Guide to the women's movement in Canada: a Chatelaine cope-kitBooklet about the women's movement in Canada

Bonnie Kreps
Call Number: OHEC Freire AR-E2.EN14

This 43-page booklet discusses feminism, the women's movement, and suggests ways in which women can think critically about traditional gender roles. It also includes:

  • Canadian groups and centres that support the women's movement
  • feminist publications
  • recommended reading
Simulation use and design workshop Flyer for the simulation use and design workshop

Call Number: OHEC Freire AR-E2.EN21

Produced by the Ontario Educational Communications Authority (today TVO), this flyer advertises five workshops held in Ontario in 1973 dealing with simulation games. This item also contains a letter from the Ontario Educational Communications Authority with additional information about simulation and about the workshops being offered.