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Paulo Freire


The OISE Library Paulo Freire Collection materials relate to workshops and seminars about Freire's ideas and methodology. These include several workshops led by Freire himself. The workshop materials in this collection include:

  • final reports
  • summaries of events
  • participant lists
  • observations made by participants

Information about additional Paulo Freire workshop resources is available in the Freire Bibliography and in the Workshops Guide linked below. 

Selected workshop resources

At least a draft of my dream

Chris Cowap, 1973
Call Number: OHEC Freire AR-A4.EN5

Compiled by Chris Cowap, this report contains personal observations and reflections on the 1973 Learning and Change workshop held in Stony Point, New York. This report also contains verbatim statements made by workshop participants.

An embodied paradox, a bundle of contradictions

Chris Cowap, 1973
Call Number: OHEC Freire AR-A4.EN6

The Learning and Change workshops led by Paulo Freire in the US in January and February of 1973 included five major regional workshops and 11 satellite workshops. This final report includes:

  • five "What Happened" summaries from the regional workshops
  • brief summaries of the 11 satellite workshops
  • conclusions about the workshops
  • recommendations for groups planning future workshops with Paulo Freire
Notes from seminar on community development with Paulo Freire

Christine Marshall, 1976
Call Number: OHEC Freire AR-A4.EN13

These notes are a transcription made by Christine Marshall during a seminar held by Freire in July-August 1976 while teaching at OISE. These notes discuss Freire's ideas and methodologies and include an emphasis on their application in the Canadian context.

Report of IDAC workshop (L'institut d'action culturelle)

Thelma Rosen, 1973
Call Number: OHEC Freire AR-A4.EN19

This report discusses a workshop held in Madison, Wisconsin in March 1973. Freire was not involved in this workshop. This workshop was held by the Institute of Cultural Action, a Swiss organization interested in the application of conscientization in education and social change. This report includes a summary of Freire's ideas and summaries of discussions held by the participants.