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Paulo Freire


The OISE Library Paulo Freire Collection includes transcripts from a number of interviews from the 1970s. These transcripts come from a range of sources, including radio shows, journals, magazines, and excerpts published in newspaper articles.

Information about additional Paulo Freire interview resources is available in the Freire Bibliography and in the Interviews Guide linked below.

Selected interviews

Conscientization and liberation: A conversation with Paulo Freire

Call Number: OHEC Freire AR-A3.EN2

The transcript of this interview with Freire is the first of a series of documents being produced by the Institute of Cultural Action. This interview deals with conscientization and education for transformation and liberation.

Education for awareness: A talk with Paulo Freire

Call Number: OHEC Freire AR-A3.EN4

The transcript of this interview was published in the magazine Risk (Vol. 6, No. 4) in 1970. The interview took place in Geneva, November 15, 1970. Topics discussed in this interview include:

"As educators we are politicians and also artists": An interview with Freire

Call Number: OHEC Freire AR-A3.EN13

This transcript contains excerpts from an interview with Freire in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania in June 1976 during the International Conference on Adult Education and Development. This interview was recorded on videotape by the Canadian Association for Adult Education and the transcript published in Adult learning: A design for action in 1978. Topics discussed in this interview include:

  • Freire's formative experiences in Brazil
  • the politicization of education
  • conscientization
  • Freire's work in Guinea-Bissau