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Posters and Presentations

Tips on creating effective posters and presentations, including templates, suggested tools, and video tutorials.

Selected undergraduate opportunities

St. Michael's College SMC Undergraduate Research Forum 

  • The purpose of the undergraduate research forum project is to give aspiring and young scholars the opportunity to hone further their research and presentation skills within a field of their interest, by assisting and guiding them in the production of a research poster. The poster is meant to give expression and form—through short paragraphs, graphic strategies, and/or pictures—to their research. This initiative offers participants the platform to share and disseminate their work within the professional and academic life of St. Michael’s College in the University of Toronto, thus propelling their professional career.

All St. Michael’s College students, as well as any UofT student taking one single course at one of our resident Departments during the 2016-2017 academic year, are eligible to apply to the SMC Research Forum.


UTSC Undergraduate Research Poster Forum

  • The UTSC Library and the Office of the Vice-Principal Research have launched an Undergraduate Research Poster Forum to showcase the significant contributions of talented UTSC undergraduates to scholarly activities conducted at U of T Scarborough and around the world and promote intellectual exchange. The forum is a competitive, adjudicated event to give students an opportunity to gain experience disseminating research, scholarship, and creative activities to an academic community, share their research experience with peers and develop presentation skills. The forum provides the perfect opportunity for students interested in becoming involved in research to learn more about what other students have already done.

Medical Student Research Day (MSRD)

  • A 1-day conference that showcases research projects undertaken by University of Toronto medical students. Each year MSRD will be showcasing more than 150 posters across many different research categories. The diversity of research fields will range from basic science and clinical medicine disciplines to topics related to health services, medical education, public health policy and global health. 
All UofT undergraduate medical students are invited to present any of their research work accomplished in the past year, whether or not they participated in a CREMS program.
MSRD-2017 also invites all first-year students who have performed research in the last 12 months prior to entering medical school to present their work as a poster.  


Also, see this Life at U of T blog post for other science opportunities around U of T.