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Gerstein Science Information Centre

Posters and Presentations

Tips on creating effective posters and presentations, including templates, suggested tools, and video tutorials.

Citation Style Guides

These guides are for commonly-used styles in the sciences. 

For more citation help:

Citation Management Programs

Pro Tip:  While no citation management program is integrated into PowerPoint (except for EndNote X7), you can use these programs to create in-text citations and bibliographies in Word, and then copy them over into your poster or slide deck.

For more information on how to use citation management programs, consult our Citation Management Guide.

Citing Images

Pro tip:  Don't want to clutter each of your powerpoint slides with photo credits?  Include a final slide with thumbnails of every image used, with proper attribution listed next to each image.

For more information on how to properly cite images, consult:

NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, images are copyright-protected. If it is not clearly stated that the image(s) may be used without permission, then permission must be obtained from the copyright holder. For all images where permission for use is stated/granted, or where the image is in the public domain, it is still recommended to cite the source.

Citing Data