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Gerstein Science Information Centre

Posters and Presentations

Tips on creating effective posters and presentations, including templates, suggested tools, and video tutorials.

Printing Tips

The average 3x4 feet poster can cost around $80-100 + tax. Options are usually matte/satin or glossy.

a) Before you send a poster to the printers, it is recommended that you convert your file to PDF

      Consult this checklist first.

  b) Need to convert your files to the right colour settings? Use a program like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Acrobat Pro to convert your poster colours, so that the original colours remain true.

Pro tip:  Print out and assemble a large full-size draft using plain paper sheets (8.5  x 11), to see if there are any alignment, colour, font, or image quality issues.  This also makes it easier to sport tapas spot typos.


Where to Print Around Campus

Your U of T department:

Ask your department if there is free or reduced cost poster printing available - if available, this is often a bit cheaper than a print shop.

Toronto Print Shops:

Additional Listings and Reviews of Toronto print shops

Pro tip: Be sure to price compare - some shops may even have a special U of T student discount, so remember ask when requesting a quote