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Posters and Presentations

Tips on creating effective posters and presentations, including templates, suggested tools, and video tutorials.

General Poster Design Guides

Pro tip:  Not using a template and starting from scratch? 

Remember to resize your canvas to the right size in PowerPoint (often 36x48 inches or 36x56 inches, instead of the default 8.5x11 inches).


Photo Credit: widdowquinn via Compfight cc

Video: Making an academic research poster using PowerPoint

Scientific Research Poster Design Guides and Templates

Design Inspiration

Handout tips

  • Couldn't fit everything into your poster?  Include extra key information,  in an concise 1-page handout.
  • Include your Works Cited list and any supplementary readings your audience might find of interest.
  • Don't have time to make a handout from scratch?  Print out colour mini copies of your poster to distribute, so that attendees won't have to rely on their grainy photos of your poster.