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Resources for Dentistry Graduate Students

Useful resources for Dentistry Graduate Students

UofT Health Sciences Writing Centre

The Health Sciences Writing Centre at the University of Toronto offers free 30 or 60 minute one-on-one, in person appointments with a writing instructor for students at the Faculty of Dentistry.  Online appointments with writing instructors are also available.  You can bring your thesis, thesis chapter(s), conference presentations or publications at any stage of the writing process to learn more about planning, organization, researching, writing or editing your written work.  Appointments must be booked in advance. For more information please visit the Health Sciences Writing Centre website.

The Health Sciences Writing Centre also has a variety of informative online Writing Guides with some helpful information on writing. 

Writing at the University of Toronto

The Writing at University of Toronto website offers students and instructors (e.g. teaching assistants) information about writing courses, writing workshops, advice pages for writing and has great resources for English as a Second Language students to help them improve their English writing skills.

Additional Writing Support

The Graduate Centre for Academic Communication (GCAC) offers workshops for graduate students throughout the year on topics such as grant writing, thesis proposals, presentations, literature reviews, and publishing. They also provide many helpful courses for multilingual graduate students looking to improve their academic communication skills.

Visit the University of Toronto School of Graduate Studies webpage on Thesis and Dissertation Writing Support for more information about writing support resources, such as graduate writing groups and roundtables.

Books on Publishing and Thesis Writing

Here is a sampling of some of the books at U of T about writing a thesis or writing a publication.

Books on Medical Writing

Here are some of the general medical writing books in the U of T catalogue.