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Education Studies Research

This guide provides resources for educational research aimed at students enrolled in research programs at OISE.

How do I ensure that I am engaging in ethical research practices?


How do I ensure my work is critical?

As you evaluate the literature that you have gathered, it is important to engage in critical citation practices. You should consider who you are citing, and what implications stem from valuing one perspective over another in your research. Make sure that you cover a wide range of formats, consider studies that have alternate viewpoints, and include voices/identify gaps or silences. The following resources can help you consider the types of resources that you want to include.

Resources on Critical Citation Practices 

How do I ensure my research is credible?

Evaluating your literature and data is an essential part of the research process. The time that you spend reading, assessing, and analyzing your findings is important because it allows you to: 

  • Identify whether your literature and data are relevant to your research topic 

  • Determine whether your sources are reputable

Once you've determined your interest in an article, you should consider the article's merit based on research impact and overall relevance within your field of study. The following resources will help you assess the value of your research article as a scholarly source.

What do I need to consider when using AI?