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Education Studies Research

This guide provides resources for educational research aimed at students enrolled in research programs at OISE.

Overview of the Education Studies Research Guide

This guide was prepared by OISE Library for students conducting graduate research in education, covering both quantitative and qualitative research and examples from different subdisciplines in education. While this guide is broken down by research phase, recognize that research is not a linear process. It is a cyclical, iterative journey that may require you to return to these questions, reconsider your methods and frameworks, and redefine your topic at any given stage as new insights and concepts emerge during the research process.

The guide is broken down into the following research stages:  

  • Planning Research

  • Reading Research

  • Defining the Research Topic

  • Completing a Literature Review 

  • Determining Research Frameworks and Methods 

  • Conducting Research 

  • Writing Research

  • Publishing Research 

You will also find important considerations when engaging in research as well as a list with resources that outline where to find additional research support at the end of the guide.