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HPS 318 Research: History of Medicine from Antiquity to the Renaissance

This guide is intended to assist students in the course as it is taught by Professor Lucia Dacome

Library Catalogue & Primary Sources

If you know the name of a primary source, you can search the Library Catalogue. For example:

  • Title Search: “Libellus de re herbaria novus"
  • Author Search: Turner, William
  • Subject Search: Botany Pre-Linnean works

You might have to alter the spelling of titles and names due to translations and time periods. For example:

  • Author: Mattioloi, Pierandrea
    • Alternate name: Matthioli, Petri Andreae

You can look for translations by specifying English as the Language and/or checking the Details of the catalog record.

Results include paper versions and links to electronic versions – reprints, originals, and translations. For example:

  • Title Search on “Libellus de re herbaria novus," results in a catalogue record linking to the electronic version of the 1538 original, located in the Text Collection EEBO (Early English Books Online)

Subscription text collections like EEBO are reliable.

Library Catalogue & Primary Sources - more

If you don’t have a specific primary source in mind, you can look for one by subject or keyword in the library catalogue:

  • UTCat Advanced Search: Trotula and Sources

Combine your topic with words such as:

  • Sources
  • Correspondence
  • Letters
  • Diaries
  • Works