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South Asian studies

A guide to South Asian books, articles, newspapers, culture, languages, diaspora, and government resources.


South Asian children image by Johan Rd, on Flickr

This guide will help you with your research in South Asian studies.

                                                                    Photograph of two children in Rural Rajasthan, India


Remember, you can always get help from University of Toronto Libraries staff.

For guide suggestions and broken links, please contact Lana Soglasnova.

University of Toronto Centre for South Asian Studies

University of Toronto Centre for South Asian Studies (CSAS) is a key international hub for critical conversations across the humanities and social sciences on South Asian worlds, both inside and outside the subcontinent.

The list of CSAS publications can be found on the Treasures in Toronto page of this guide.

Other online libraries and directories

Transliteration for non-roman scripts

For languages with non-roman scripts (such as Devanagari, Arabic, and others), most library materials use transliteration. Library transliteration follows "Library of Congress Romanization Tables" for each language. To search the library materials for words in these languages, use LC tables to transliterate the original non-roman script for each language, such as Bengali ; Gujarati ; Hindi ; Marathi ; Panjabi (Punjabi) ; Sinhalese ; Sanskrit and Prakrit ; Tamil ; Tibetan ; Urdu.

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About this guide

The South Asian studies LibGuide was created by Judith Logan and Lana Soglasnova