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Open Education

A hub for information and links about OER, Open Educational Practices and Pedagogy, and Open Education activities and projects at U of T

Open Educational Practices

Open Educational Practices (OEP) are collaborative teaching techniques that leverage the open nature of OER to facilitate learning. In a sense, Open Educational Practices means putting OER to the test by creating educational activities, feedback, and interaction around a piece of open learning material.

Levels of Open Education Policy

  1. Institutional: All higher-education institutions have their own set of policies that govern how course materials are designated and distributed, and how intellectual property on campus is licensed. 
  2. Provincial: Canadian provinces have laws that govern the educational institutions in their jurisdiction. Provincial-level policy can intersect with open education in multiple ways, including setting transparency or open licensing requirements, convening task forces, and offering provincial funding. For example, eCampusOntario has funding programs available to university faculty to support the creation of OER. 
  3. International: Fun fact! The term "open educational resources" was coined by UNESCO in 2012.

This material has been revised from Open Education PrimerThis link opens in a new tab by the SPARC Open Education Leadership Program This link opens in a new tab, licensed under CC BY 4.0