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Treaty Research

A guide to resources for treaty research prepared by John Bolan, Bora Laskin Law Library

What Are Travaux Préparatoires ?

Travaux Préparatoires are the preparatory works from the drafting and negotiation of a treaty, such as minutes, drafts and reports.

Why use Travaux Preparatoires?

To help clarify the meanings of treaties and intentions of the drafters.

Notes on Travaux Preparatoires

Travaux preparatoires are often published in chronological order, not by treaty clause

TIP: Use Guides to travaux preparatoires and commentaries on treaties, which will:

  •    Track the agreement article by article cross-referencing the travaux.
  •  Treaty commentaries will often cite travaux preparatoires.
  •  Travaux preparatoires may also be found on treaty-body websites