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Treaty Research

A guide to resources for treaty research prepared by John Bolan, Bora Laskin Law Library

Using Indexes and other tools to find US treaties


Indexes and Finding Tools for US Treaties
Print/Online Sources
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Treaties In Force : a list of treaties and other international agreements of the United States


 Lists and summarizes all treaties in force to which the US is a party, by country (for bilateral treaties) and by subject (for mulitlateral treaties).

 JX236 1929C

Westlaw Canada (subscription required)

U.S. State Department website

Hein Online Treaties and Agreements Library

A Guide to the United States Treaties in Force


Provides access to treaties by subject index, numerical index and country index. 


JX236 1982 .G85

 Hein Online Treaties and Agreements Library

United States Treaty Index : 1776-1990 consolidation



Among the more comprehensive sources for U.S. treaty information, contains subject, chronological and country indexes. 

Note: this resources is supplemented by Current Treaty Index (below). 


JX231 .U58



Current Treaty Index

Cumulative index to US 'slip treaties' and agreements not published in TIAS.

Issues for 1982-1999 also known as 1st through 24th editions.

Companion service to the United States Treaty Index : 1776-... consolidation.

Updates the UST cumulative indexing service

JX231 .K382   Hein Online Treaties and Agreements Library

Hein Online Treaties and Agreements Library


Contains a large number of official and non-official resources for U.S. treaties


 Hein Online Treaties and Agreements Library

Need more help?

There are many sources for treaties to which the United States is a party. Some of the most prominent are listed in this tab. See the research guides at the bottom of this tab for more information on researching treaties to which the U.S. is a party.