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ACMA01: Find Resources for your Final Essay

You must use 3 sources for your final essay. You may use encyclopedia entries, books, scholarly articles, or newspaper articles.

Newspapers - FAQ

Why use newspapers? 

Newspapers are very useful if you want to learn about current events/popular opinion or historical events/popular opinion.

Current events: you might read about a recent election.

Historical events: you might find newspaper articles published during World War II to learn about how events were perceived at that time. 

Why avoid newspapers? 

Newspapers are often not considered appropriate sources for your university assignments.  

*ALWAYS make sure you know what kinds of sources are acceptable for your assignments.*

How do I choose the best newspaper database for my search?  

Look at the newspaper resources provided (right).  

They are divided by geography (Canadian sources or international sources) and time (current or historical.) Choose the resource that is most relevant to your topic.

Newspaper Databases

Use the following links for access to databases of current Canadian newspapers, Proquest Newsstand, and a variety of Historical newspapers.

More Newspaper Resources