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ACMB01: Find Resources for your Final Essay

A library guide to assist you in finding the resources you need to complete your ACMB01 assignments

Welcome to University of Toronto Libraries

ACMBO1: Critical Reading, Thinking, and Writing for ACM Programs

Summer 2021

Academic study in the Department of Arts, Culture and Media is distinguished by critical, historical and practice-based approaches to text, image, sound and performance. This course focuses on critical reading, thinking and writing skills while introducing students to humanistic inquiry through lectures, readings, discussions, and attendance of campus performances and gallery exhibits. This is a writing intensive course that offers students regular constructive feedback on their work.


Assignment Prompt

For the final two writing assignments in ACMB01, you will compile an annotated bibliography and a research essay based on themes in the following films: 

  • District 9 (2009)
  • Avatar (2009)
  • I am not your Negro (2016)

To complete the research essay, you must gather and build on scholarly sources relevant to the themes and/or content of the film. The annotated bibliography assignment is intended to help you find, review, and select appropriate sources in compiling that research. In other words, much of the “research” for the “research essay” is found, reviewed, and sorted in completing the annotated bibliography. You must find ten (10) sources in order to complete the assignment.  

For a list of suggested themes, please refer to your "Annotated Bibliography" assignment handout.