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Company Information

Finding information on Canadian, US and international companies.

Canadian Company Profiles

The links below are all accessible off-campus.  Capital IQ, available in the Finance Lab and on two computer terminals in the MHL, is also recommended for company information. 

Demographics of Company Ownership

Information available is contigent on disclosure, which varies across geographic regions. For Canada, there is a directory maintained by the Government of Canada for Indigenous Businesses (see link below). There is information available from Statistics Canada that gives aggregated data on SME ownership by gender, disability,etc. There is currently no source available that allows you to search for company lists by specific demographic criteria. 

There are self-reporting directories listed below for other specific demographic groups. These are maintained by external groups and updating may be sporadic, and they may not be comprehensive because they rely on self-reporting. You can also search for news articles with business lists or for specific geographic regions, or social media for user-generated lists.

Outside of Canada, check the country's census data, statistics sources, or industry/economic ministries for data. 

Directories - Canada

US and International Company Profiles

Directories - US and International

Only in the Milt Harris Library

The following print resources are available in the MHL.