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ATLA Religion Database

This guide will help you search the ATLA database more effectively.

Scripture Search 2: using the indexes tab

2.  Searching for a specific scripture passage:

If you want to search for a specific scripture passage rather than individual verses or whole chapters, use the browse feature by clicking on the Indexes tab.

Indexes tab


From the drop-down menu in the box beside Browse an Index, choose Scripture Citation:

Browse box


In the Browse for box, type in the book and chapter and the first verse of the passage you are interested in. Note, however that books with several parts require the name first and then the number. For example, if you are searching for articles on the passage of 1st Peter 2:18-25:

Browse for


A list of scripture citations near to your citation will display. Check the boxes beside all the articles that apply to your passage. Use the Previous and Next links to move from page to page.

Note that the order of citations in the index is not necessarily what you would expect. For example, 1st Peter 2:19-25 is followed by 1st Peter 2:2 rather than 1st Peter 2:20 or 1st Peter 2:26. All verses with the first number of '1'  are listed before those with the first number '2', etc.

Once you have chosen the verses you are interested in, click the Add button. Then click the Search button to display the results.

Scripture citation list