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ATLA Religion Database

This guide will help you search the ATLA database more effectively.

3. Results page

As an example, if you wanted to search for sources discussing Martin Luther and his view of atonement, you could use him as a subject rather than an author and the term ‘atonement’ as a keyword.  (Names are usually indexed by last name then first, but using Martin Luther will also work.) By using Luther as a subject, you will find articles about Luther, written by others. Conducting a search with Luther as an author will find his own works that discuss atonement.

Example search

Full-Text Articles:

  Not every article in the Atla database is available full text in PDF format. Those articles with full text available will have a link at the bottom of the citation.

PDF icon

If there is not a link for PDF access, click on the ‘Get it! UTL’ link to see if it may be available in another database through UTL.


 If it is available in another UTL database, a window will open that allows you to link to the article. If  UTL was not able to find it in their print or online holdings you can request in through Inter Library Loan