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Research Guides

ATLA Religion Database

This guide will help you search the ATLA database more effectively.

1. ATLA database

 The University of Toronto Library (UTL) provides remote access (i.e. off campus) to all of its electronic databases to current TST/ U of T students, staff and faculty with a valid TCard.

 On the homepage of the UTL website, click on Databases, then choose Popular. Or, under the Research and Teaching column, select Research and course guides.  In the Guides by Subject, scroll down and choose Christianity, then the Atla Religion Database. The course guides also provide information on other databases and resources for a subject area.

2. Ebsco databases

You can also search any of the other EBSCO databases at the same time by clicking on “Choose Databases.”


A list of approximately 40 databases will appear. Check the box to the left of the name of a database. Move your cursor over the yellow box after the name to obtain information about the database. ATLA Catholic Literature and Periodical Index, New Testament Abstracts and Old Testament Abstracts are also useful databases for theology and religion but provide mainly abstracts or citations with some full-text articles.

If you choose to search several databases simultaneously and are not retrieving many search results, you may want to search the databases individually.  Each database provides its own subject and keyword terms so your results will likely not be as complete as searching the databases individually.