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BTC1800H5: Research Workshop

A guide for BTC1800 students on conference proceedings, citations, and research strategies.

Don't Forget ...

The general research guide developed for your program has a page dedicated to data.  Some of the options are licensed resources only available at the University of Toronto.


Many excellent research guides to healthcare statistics and data exist to streamline your research. 

Curated by librarians or other data specialsts, these curated collections can help you find what you need.


Consider using specialized search engines or the Advanced Search features of Google to find statistics or data.

Google's Advanced Search features can also be used to filter your search results to files in .xls and .csv formats

To use this feature, enter your keywords in the search box together with filetype:[X].  An example might be:

"medication errors" hospital filetype:xls


Think about WHO CARES enough to collect, analyze, publish and/or distribute data about a given topic?  Who are the stakeholders in the topic you are targeting? 

Organizations (maybe even individuals) who care may have data that goes undetected by search engines; by going directly to these sources and then browsing or searching these specific websites, you may save time and effort.

While the checklist below was developed specifically to help source market research, it can be used for other healthcare-related topics as well.