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BTC1800H5: Research Workshop

A guide for BTC1800 students on conference proceedings, citations, and research strategies.

Conference Proceedings

Conference proceedings can be challenging to find. 

Use this excellent guide from the University of Toronto's Engineering & Computer Science Library linked below to help make it easier!

More Search Tips

TIP #1

If you are searching on the Web to identify relevant conferences, watch your keywords!  A conference can be also be labelled as a:

  • Congress
  • Symposium
  • Meeting
  • Workshop

Used the Advanced Search features of Google to search on these synonyms at the same time.  You can do this by entering your terms into the 'Any of these boxes' search box OR by using OR or | to join these terms in Google's search box.  Here's a hyper-linked example:

CRISPR AND (conference or workshop or symposium or congress) AND 2018


TIP #2

Conference proceedings citations are often a) complex and b) incomplete or incorrect

Review the guidance on reading and interpreting citations to conference proceedings that is provided here in another research guide about conference proceedings, this one maintained by Penn State Libraries.


TIP #3

Key findings or takeaways from larger conferences may be found in investment research reports.  These reports are typically issued by investment banks or equity firms that specialize in or have a focus on healthcare and written by analyts who attended the conference.

These reports may provide a more business-oriented perspective or analysis on research presented at a conference or highlight developments with significant commercial or market implications.

To find these reports, use the library database Investext (also known as Thomson ONE).  Type the target conference's name or acronym (e.g. AACR, ASCO) in the 'Title' field in the 'More Options' box to identify these reports.