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Contacting Experts and Authors

Often, writers of systematic reviews find that some data is left out of studies. In such cases, a good option is to contact the author of the study.

Experts in the field can also be rich sources of information. Talk to an expert to find out:

  • Studies or information you have missed
  • New aspects of your research topic to consider
  • Sources of grey lit

You may wish to speak with a Knowledge Keeper or Elder about nutritional or food practices. If you are considering this, it is important to follow appropriate protocol and ensure you are entering into a reciprocal relationship, not simply extracting information. This means being respectful, thinking about what you are bringing into the relationship, welcoming the fact that the relationship will extent well beyond your research project, and ensuring the research you are doing is meaningful for the community or nation you are engaging with. Please visit the University of Toronto Indigenous Gateway for information about protocol.