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The BRIDGE New Venture Program Research Guide

Explore industry and market research resources required to assist in the creation of a business plan and prepare for the launch of a new venture.

Industry Research

Secondary Market Research

Other resources

Intelligence | Bitter Bridges

Briter Bridges was founded in October 2018 as a research firm dedicated to collecting, curating, and visualising data on business across underserved markets, with a specific focus on Africa. After producing some of the largest visual libraries portraying the state of Africa’s innovative ecosystems, Briter has launched its own Intelligence platform, which will allow real-time tracking, crowdsourcing, and interaction..

Primary Research Strategies

Customer Discovery During COVID-19

Managing Customer Discovery When You Can't Leave the House | Tech Crunch

Talking to customers seems like a simple idea, but most founders find it’s one of the hardest things they have to do. Entrepreneurs innately believe they understand a customer’s problem and just need to spend their time building a solution. We now have a half-century of data to say that’s wrong.