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JOUB01: Covering Immigration and Transnational Issues

A guide for students enrolled in JOUB01H3, with research tips for assignment completion.

Welcome to your JOUB01 Research Guide

JOUB01 Fall 2020
Covering Immigration and Transnational Issues

Instructor: Dr. Sherry S. Yu

In an increasingly globalized world, issues such as immigration, war, oppression, and natural disaster are shared across borders. This course explores immigration and transnational issues in the context of news stories and examines how these issues are covered in the news media, and what alternative discourses emerge, especially in the digital age. The focus is on “how” these issues are covered rather than “how to cover” these issues. Class discussions and hands-on analysis of news content produced by media outlets across borders help identify news frames presented in the stories and explore the rationale behind such journalistic practices. 

Sherry Yu, PhD.


Sherry Yu | Assistant Professor

Course Objectives

Our specific learning objectives are to:

• To understand theoretical approaches to news frames and alternative practices

• To apply theoretical interpretations to current and past events

• To analyze news content and identify news frames employed in various media contexts 

• To comprehend the relationship between media discourse and journalistic practices