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GGRD25 Geographies of Work & Employment in the GTA

This guide will help you in GGRD25 with finding journal articles, newspaper articles, and credible policy documents for your critical horizon scan assignment.

Narrowing a Topic

This short video demonstrates to students how to develop an appropriate topic for a research paper by considering goals, approaches, topic scope and helpful resources.

(Georgian College Library, 2016)

What, Who, Where, When and Why/How of Your Topic


Social media



Interpersonal relationships


Health care practitioners, charity

Men, student/teen, women, Aboriginal people, children


Canada, Ontario

When Last 5 years

How can health practitioners use social media to promote health?

What type of social media advertising is most effective for increasing donations to a charity?

What factors influence teen to prefer one social media platform more than another?

How does frequent use of social media impact interpersonal relationships?

Watch The Focus Your Topic video to think about how to use background research to help you narrow your topic.

Watch the next video for step by step process on doing background research, where to search, and the type of information you will need to collect from your background research such as the who, what, where, when that will help you narrow your topic. 

(Choose a Topic, Conestoga College Library, 2017)