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GGRD25 Geographies of Work & Employment in the GTA

This guide will help you in GGRD25 with finding journal articles, newspaper articles, and credible policy documents for your critical horizon scan assignment.

Learning Outcomes

Research as Inquiry

  1. You will deal with complex research by breaking complex questions into simple ones, specifically geography framing of employment, and jobs within a sector to help you limit the scope of your annotated bibliography topic.  

  2. You will synthesize ideas gathered from multiple sources including but not limited to scholarly articles, newspapers, statistics, and industry research.   

Activity: Crowdsourcing Useful Sources & Topic Development

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What's the story you want to tell about geography of work or employment in GTA?


Developing your topic quick write:

Spend 2 minutes writing down how you might want to focus your topic based on the crowdsource consider:

  1. Who. Who are you focusing on? Which population group is important to this discussion?
  2. Where? Where do you see these types of jobs? Consider place like GTA and space e.g. in a kitchen. 
  3. What? What type of job are you focusing on within your sector?
  4. What? What is the concepts from class that relate to this discussion? 

Also, you may consider audience, purpose, context and the ‘story’ as per discussions in the Infographic design workshop, and surprising trends. 


Searching for Resources Activity:

Individually, you will be assigned one information type to find resources and share in the Padlet:

  • Statistics Canada – The Daily 
  • Scholarly articles – IBSS database 
  • Newspaper articles 
  • Think Tanks 

Each person will explore a resource type and share back: 

  • Keywords 
  • 1 helpful strategy to using this source 
  • What type of information is this source good for? 


  1. What types of jobs exist in this sector? 
  2. Who is involved in this type of work? 
  3. Where does this work happen? What spaces? 
  4. When does this work happen? 
  5. Why care/impact? 



Key e-Resources

Other Key Resources

Spacing | Canadian Urbanism Uncovered

Understanding the urban landscape. Spacing is one of the most unique magazines to appear on Canadian newsstands in years. The magazine uncovers the joys, obstacles and politics of Canada’s big cities by cutting through the cynicism that often pervades any discussion about urban issues. Spacing pushes readers to think critically about how they can shape the public spaces that surround their everyday lives.