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Biology Resources at the UTM Library

Course Resources

BIO152 Introduction to Evolution and Evolutionary Genetics

BIO153 Diversity of Organisms

BIO200 Introduction to Pharmacology: Pharmacokinetic Principles

BIO201 The Biology Behind the News

BIO202 Introduction to Animal Physiology

BIO203 Introductory Plant Morphology and Physiology

BIO207 Introductory Genetics

BIO304 Physiology of Neurons and Muscle

BIO326 Ornithology

BIO328 Lectures in Animal Behaviour

BIO353 Plant Development

BIO372 Molecular Biology

BIO375 Introductory Medical Biotechnology

BIO407 Behaviour Genetics

BIO409 Laboratory in Animal Physiology 

BIO434 Social and Developmental Determinants of Human Health 

BIO464 Biodiversity and Conservation (2017)

BIO476 Molecular Basis of Disease


HSC300 Written Communication for Healthcare

HSC406 Advanced Written Communications for Healthcare 


JCB487 Advanced Interdisciplinary Research Laboratory