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Research Guides

Ukwehuwe / Haudenosaunee Languages

Resources for learning the Ukwehuwe Languages of the Haudenosaunee, also known as Iroquoian Languages.

Online Language Learning

Online Dictionaries

Language Learning

Mohawk Language Custodian Association

Titles from the Mohawk Language Custodian Association are awaiting cataloguing. 

Jake Thomas Learning Centre collection

The library has purchased a collection of materials from the Jake Thomas Learning Centre in Cayuga language. These are currently in processing. Ask the owner of this guide if you need access to any of the material. A list of titles in the collection focussed on language learning follows. Please note that a cassette player is available in the Media Commons, 3rd floor, Robarts Library.)

Mohawk for Beginners (1 book and 2 cassettes)

#3016 Mohawk language (1 book and tape)

#3093 What she does when she gets up in the morning (Mohawk, 1  book and 1 cassette)

#3066 What he does when he gets up in the morning (1 book and 1 cassette)

#3104 Mohawk Language Phonetics (pamphlet)

#3076 Where is my pencil? (Mohawk, book and casette)

#3025 The Tip of the Iceberg (Mohawk, 2 books and CDs)

#3029 Mohawk Picture Book (1 book and 1 CD)

#3018 Mohawk language (1 book and 1 CD)

#3026 Verb roots Grand River Territory (Mohawk, 1 book and 1 CD)

#3013 Grand River Territory Mohawk Language (1 book and 4 CDs)

#3012 Mohawk Phonology Second Edition (1 book and 2 cassettes)

#3001 Creation Story (Mohawk, 1 book and 1 CD)

##3005 Thanksgiving Address (Mohawk, 1 book and 1 CD)

#3011 Thanksgiving Address Long Version (Mohawk, 1 book and 1 cassette)