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Research Guides

Ukwehuwe / Haudenosaunee Languages

Resources for learning the Ukwehuwe Languages of the Haudenosaunee, also known as Iroquoian Languages.

Use this guide

This guide lists Ukwehuwe language resources available in the Toronto area. It includes the following:

Library books After the name of each book, you will see the name of each library that has it. You can click on the name of the library to find out where the book is located in that library. Before you go to the library, find out what their rules are about borrowing books. See more below.  

Web sites Just click on the Web site to access it.

Licensed online materials are only available to members of the library they belong to. Instructions are given below each licensed book about how to access it.  

Descriptions and instructions for each library are given below.  

Please note that not all of the books listed in this guide are available from a Toronto library. You may have to purchase them or use your library's inter-library loan service.


First Nations House Resource Centre

The Resource Centre, located at First Nations House, University of Toronto, maintains a growing collection of printed materials, and audio visual resources that represent a wide range of Aboriginal topics. The coordinator is very knowledgeable in Aboriginal/Indigenous issues and is available to assist students with research and identifying sources. The centre also supports the Aboriginal Studies Program, making available texts, readings and other course materials used by instructors.


University of Toronto Libraries

The University of Toronto has many libraries. When you click on the word "University of Toronto Libraries" under a title, it will connect to the U of T library catalogue. The catalogue will tell you which library the book is in, and what the call number is. To find out where the library is, click on its name in the catalogue.

Everyone can go into the libraries at the University of Toronto to read their books. However, you will need a library card to borrow them. See the instructions for getting a library card. Members of the general public are called Research Readers. Most libraries also have photocopiers.

Robarts Library has the largest collection. It is at 130 St. George St., at the corner of Harbord St. It looks like a big grey turkey.

Most Ukwehuwe language books are on the 13th floor, under the PM call number.

Only people with library cards can go into the book stacks at Robarts Library. People who do not have a card, must ask for the book to be brought down for them to read. Check the schedule to plan your visit.  

Licensed books online. The University of Toronto has some licensed online books, which have restricted access. If you are a University of Toronto faculty, staff or student, you can use your UTORID and password to access the book. Other people can only access the books if they are in the library, at one of the LIRA computers. You will need identification to use a LIRA station.


Toronto Public Library

The Toronto Public Library has many branches thoughout Toronto. The public library is free for anyone who lives, works, goes to school or owns land in the city of Toronto. You will need a library card to use it. With your library card, you can put a hold on books in the Toronto Public Library catalogue, and have them brought to your local branch to pick up. Please note that some Anishinaabemowin titles are in a reference collection and cannot be borrowed.

The largest Ukwehuwe collection is at the Toronto Reference Library, 5th floor, Languages Centre, Languages of the Americas Collection. It is a reference collection which must be used in the library. (416) 393-7157

The Spadina Road branch also has a Native People's Resource collection which includes Ukwehuwe materials. It is at 10 Spadina Road, just up from the Native Centre. 416-393-7666

North York Central Library has a "Native Peoples Collection" on the third floor. 416-395-5535 (branch phone number)


Other Libraries

The libraries listed below are not covered in this guide. Brief information is provided about their collections with links to their library catalogues so that you can look up what they have. To get a general picture of what each library has, you can look up keywords with the name of the language, for example "oneida language." 


Inter-Library Loan

If a book that you want, is not available in your library, often you can get it through your library's inter-library loan department. They will borrow the book from another library for you. Ask your library for information about their inter-library loan services.

Guide created by Sara McDowell, 2010. 

Order materials

You may want to order your own copy of some of these books or other materials. Some of the older materials may be out of print and difficult to find. Here are a few sources.



This guide was created by Sara McDowell. Many thanks to Grafton Antone, Tw^tahawiht Dawn Antone and Ryan DeCaire for their guidance and suggestions.