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PSY345 Exceptionality: Disability and Giftedness – Finding Non-Scholarly Narratives

This guide collects together resources useful in PSY345 where non-scholarly narratives and cases are the basis of term paper.

Catalogue Search Basics

At least two types of books can provide exceptionality and giftedness narratives:

  • biographical works, and
  • collections of cases or case studies. 

To find them, try searching the UofT Library Catalogue for an exceptionality keyword (such as autism, gifted, hearing-impaired) with biography, story, narrative, case, "case study," "case studies" or "case description," or similar terms.

Finding Books via the Catalogue: An Example

Below is a sample search for: asperger's AND "case studies" . It is simple but through it we can identify at least one potential resource. It also opens other search possibilities:


There are 18 results for this search. Note the FACETS on the left-hand side that allow you to narrow down what results you want to look at by location (UTM Library), format (e-book available anywhere you are), or books on a particular subject (Education):

As you scroll down the list of items retrieved, you find this book of biographical accounts:

As we scroll down the record of this book, we find that it has a Table of Contents that shows us there are brief personal narratives in the book:

This book may be a potential resource worth checking out.


Extending Your Catalogue Searches

As you keep examining the records from the previous search, please consider extending your search using not just the SUBJECT HEADINGS we noted in the previous records, but also the SHELF BROWSE function.

Indeed, the SHELF BROWSE allows you to explore all related (by subject) books in the UTL system:


Find a Chapter from an Edited Book

Ordering Books from Other UofT Libraries

You never have to travel to get a physical book at Gerstein or Robarts: Just watch this video to find out how to order these books for (free) document delivery to UTM: