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MGHD25: Human Resources Recruitment and Selection

Winter 2021

Welcome MGHD25!

For your assignment, you are asked to develop a recruitment and selection system for an industry partner. Your recommendations will be delivered in a presentation as well as in an executive report, and must take into account the industry partner's needs and goals. Furthermore, the effectiveness and implications of your recommendations must be clearly based on the available evidence (empirical/theoretical), as per the academic literature.

The library research module and live session for this assignment will cover:

  • 10 Steps to Expert Research Skills
  • Scholarly vs. non-scholarly sources
  • Devising a search strategy
  • Information evaluation
  • Citation Management tools
  • APA formatting resources

Use this Research Guide for:

  • Getting an overview of the research process
  • Accessing peer-reviewed journal articles
  • Learning what constitutes plagiarism and how to cite properly
  • Accessing library services and support