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Academic Integrity

Principles of Academic Integrity

Under shared values of Academic Integrity as outlined by the International Center for Academic Integrity, U of T is committed to ensuring that each student embodies the six principal values of “honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility, and courage” in their academic work.


An infographic displaying the six values of academic integrity. A circle in the middle of the image is labeled "Academic Integrity". The six values of academic integrity are listed surrounding the circle: courage, trust, responsibility, respect, honesty, and fairness.

(Image created by Keira Kang based on ICAI's six fundamental values) 

Examples of Academic Integrity

Here are a few examples of what academic integrity looks like in practice:

  • Always double checking to include accurate citations of sources

  • Clarifying expectations for assignments and papers with a T.A., an instructor, or a librarian if unclear

  • Generating own analysis after reading primary and secondary sources

  • Assigning clear roles in group projects to avoid doing or taking another colleague’s work

  • Reporting any instances or suspicions of academic dishonesty

  • Documenting and communicating findings from research in a factual manner 

Additional Resources on Academic Integrity

For more information about academic integrity, check out the following resources: