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Data and Statistics in Education

This guide provides data and statistics resources to support research and teaching in K-12 education.

Data and Statistics on Teaching Resources in Education

Data and Statistical resources on K-12 Educational Teaching Resources are located here.  Resources such as Statistics Canada, Census, Classroom Statistics, K-12 American Teaching Resources and Data Analysis Software in Ontario Schools are located on this page. 

Data and Statisitics in the Classroom


Photo by James F Clay (CC)

American Statistical Association K-12 Teaching Resources

Data Analysis Software in Ontario Schools

OSAPAC acquires software licensing for use in Ontario public schools. Through this service schools in Ontario have access to data analysis software such as Tinkerplots and Fathom Dynamic Data. OSAPAC supplies information on how these resources connect to the curriculum as well as learning resources for class activities.

Access to OSAPAC resources can be arranged for OISE students through the Education Commons.