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Data and Statistics in Education

This guide provides data and statistics resources to support research and teaching in K-12 education.

National Source: <odesi>

A digital repository for social science data, <odesi> contains data from Statistics Canada, but also includes Canadian social science research and opinion polls. A good place to find data on public opinion in education.

You can search <odesi> by entering terms into the search box below. Try using terms with connectors such as: opinion AND education. You can get more specific results by changing where you search (e.g. change "anywhere" to survey title or variable / category in the drop-down menu). For help using <odesi> resources please see the <odesi> guide at the Map and Data Library website.


Government of Canada Open Data Portal

The Government of Canada Open Data Portal contains data that the government of Canada makes available for commercial and non-commercial use. This website contains sources of education data aggregated from government departments and ministries such as Statistics Canada, Natural Resources Canada, and Industry Canada.

The Daily News on Education, Training and Learning Statistics

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