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Canadian Writers and Poets on Tape

A guide to library and archival resources.

Conduct an Interview

We recommend consulting Interviewing: A Practical Guide for Students and Professionals prior to interviewing Earle Toppings, especially the following sections: 

  • Chapter 3, “The Interviewer—Responder Relationship”
  • Chapter 4, “Constructing the Questions” 
  • Chapter 5, “The Structure of the Interview”
  • Chapter 6, “Interpreting the Responses.” 

As you are preparing for the interview, consider the following: 

  • What would I like to learn from the interview about the author you have chosen? 
  • What questions should I prepare before the interview? 
  • How will I open and close the interview and ensure that it has a good structure? 
  • How will I record the answers? 

Watch an Interview

Recorded interviews are excellent examples of how to successfully conduct your own: 

  • CBC Digital Archives contains numerous radio and television interviews with Canadian writers and poets.