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Canadian Writers and Poets on Tape

A guide to library and archival resources.

Locate the Author's Archive

An archival collection consists of records (or primary sources) associated with a specific author—manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, and other materials: 

  • primary source collections are housed in repositories or institutions such as libraries, archives, and museums across Canada.  

It may be necessary to search several archival databases to locate a collection associated with a specific writer or a poet: 

  • when using archival databases, it is often useful to search by the personal name of the author you are researching. 

Archeion (Archives Association of Ontario)
The best resource to use for locating archival records in collections within Ontario.

Archives Canada (Canadian Council of Archives)
A gateway to holdings in many archival repositories in Canada.

Directory of Canadian Archives (Canadian Council of Archives)
A database of Canadian repositories and their archival holdings.

Directory of Special Collections of Research Value in Canadian Libraries (Library and Archives Canada)
The resources provides a list of collections in Canadian libraries (however  it is no longer updated).