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Canadian Writers and Poets on Tape

A guide to library and archival resources.

Engage with the Author's Work and Career


Novels, short stories, poems, essays and other literary as well as non-fictional work that was published in books can be found using the library catalogue

  • make sure that you select Author in the drop-down menu.

Short Stories, Poems, and Articles Published in Periodicals

Publications that appeared in periodicals will need to be located using journal indexes and databases. They also contain book reviews and literary criticism which will help you understand the author’s influence and significance within the Canadian literary canon.

Canadian Periodical Index 
Provides access to a broad range of Canadian journals, magazines, and newspapers, including BrickSaturday Night, Maclean’s and many others.

Canadian Literary Centre 
Consists of book reviews, literary criticism, and biographies published by Essays on Canadian Writing Press (ECW Press), a prominent literary Canadian publisher.

CBCA Complete 
Provides access to peer-reviewed and scholarly literary criticism published in journals and books as well as magazines and newspapers.

Libris Canadiana 
Includes an index of Canadian magazines published up to the middle of the twentieth century, including Saturday Night and Maclean’s. It does not include links to full texts of articles. 

Annotated Bibliographies

Search the library catalogue to find bibliographies on your chosen writer or poet. Annotated bibliographies can be particularly useful. Below is an example of how you can set up your search using the Advanced Search feature of the library catalogue.

Canadian Literary Journals and Magazines

Many Canadian authors began their careers by publishing their work in literary journals and popular magazines including (but not limited to) the following titles: