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ITA233 Italian Culture Through Fashion

Course Description of ITA233: This course explores the transformation of Italian fashion, throughout the centuries. The course will examine the history of fashion in Italian theatre and literature, its presence in movies and television, and the impact it

Fashion Journals

These are journals rather than databases. Whenever you have used a database to find articles, the articles that you found always came from a journal. You might not have really noticed the journal layer. In any case, use these as if they were a database to find articles. Do simple searches like (fashion OR clothes OR clothing OR dress) AND (ital*). If you know of specific Italian designers or labels, try those too. 

Fashion & Textiles

Fashion and Textiles aims to advance knowledge and to seek new perspectives in the fashion and textiles industry worldwide. We welcome original research articles, reviews, case studies, book reviews and letters to the editor. The scope of the journal includes the following four technical research divisions: Textile Science and Technology; Clothing Science and Technology; Economics of Clothing and Textiles/Fashion Business; Fashion Design and Cultural Study on Fashion. (from the journal's 'About' section)

Fashion Theory

From the journal's 'About' section: Fashion Theory takes as its starting point a definition of “fashion” as the cultural construction of the embodied identity. It provides an interdisciplinary forum for the rigorous analysis of cultural phenomena ranging from footbinding to fashion advertising. (from the journal's 'About' section)

Fashion Practice

Fashion Practice is the first peer-reviewed academic journal to cover the full range of contemporary design and manufacture within the context of the fashion industry. Design processes and new technologies fuel the most vibrant areas of fashion practice and commerce today, yet they have been largely ignored by scholarship. Fashion Practice fills this major gap by providing a much-needed forum for topics ranging from design theory to the impact of technology, economics and industry on fashion practice. (from the journal's 'About' section)


This journal brings together research in textiles in an innovative and distinctive academic forum for all those who share a multifaceted view of textiles within an expanded field. Representing a dynamic and wide-ranging set of critical practices, it provides a platform for points of departure between art and craft; gender and identity; cloth, body and architecture; labour and technology; techno-design and practice—all situated within the broader contexts of material and visual culture. (from the journal's 'About' section)

Journal of Global Fashion Marketing

The Journal of Global Fashion Marketing is a quarterly journal that publishes peer-reviewed conceptual and empirical papers and business cases of original works that significantly contribute to the overall advancement of marketing theory, research, and practice in fashion, design, and culture. (from the journal's 'About' section)

Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management

Provides a forum for research in the marketing and management of clothing, as opposed to textiles.