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ITA233 Italian Culture Through Fashion

Course Description of ITA233: This course explores the transformation of Italian fashion, throughout the centuries. The course will examine the history of fashion in Italian theatre and literature, its presence in movies and television, and the impact it

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Use the Advanced Search from the UTM Library homepage and limit your searches just to books. 


Change the 'Format' to 'Books.' Use the * symbol on the stem 'ital' to retrieve the keywords 'Italy' or 'Italian.' Use the boolean operator 'OR' to search for keywords that mean the same thing in your search, in this case 'fashion' OR dress* (and I have put an * on dress* so I can get all variants of dress -- dress, dresses, dressing). I didn't need to do this, but I wanted to make sure that all of the books focused on Italy, so I changed the dropdown for the keyword ital* to include only if Italy or Italian is in the title:


Use the filters on the left side of the results to narrow your results and find relevant books more efficiently. Try the filters for 'Subject' and 'Language.'