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Research Guides

CHM499: Introduction to Chemistry Research

The resources in this guide will help you through the CHM499 research process from start to finish.

Attend the In-Person Workshop!

The information below is a quick summary of strategies, tips, and resources to help you prepare and present a scientific poster. For more in-depth information, we encourage you to attend Workshop #5: Preparing & Delivering a Scientific Poster in the winter term. More details are available on CHM499 Quercus site homepage.

What is the purpose of your poster?

The purpose of your poster is to:

  • Publicize and communicate your findings 
  • Promote discussion surrounding your research
  • Introduce collaborative opportunities 
  •  Provide a networking opportunity

Steps to Preparing Your Poster

Follow the steps below to create a successful poster:

  1. Identify the appropriate content
  2. Summarize the content
  3. Design the layout
  4. Pick a template
  5. Add content
  6. Format content
  7. Proofread (request input from your supervisor!)
  8. Practice
  9. Review
  10. Print

Here are some resources to help you plan, design, and create your poster.

Presenting Your Poster

Additional Resources