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Research Guides

CHM499: Introduction to Chemistry Research

The resources in this guide will help you through the CHM499 research process from start to finish.

Why do we use databases?

There are many reasons to search for information in library databases for your research projects.

  • Some databases are discipline-specific and contain specialized subject matter.
  • Databases are designed with the needs of researchers in mind.
  • Chemistry-specific databases have unique features, built specifically for searching in chemistry! 

Learn more about how to access and use three key databases for chemistry below! 

Which database is best?

Follow these guidelines for where to start your searches. Click the link to find out more about the resource and access tutorials.

These are just guidelines, not strict rules! If you have time, it's always a good idea to search multiple databases to avoid missing important information. No two databases contain exactly the same set of articles, and they often vary in their features and/or indexing rules, allowing you to find unique results.