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Digital Storytelling

A guide that gets you started in the art of Digital Storytelling

Writing Tips for Non-Traditional Assignments

Writing for a digital project is different from writing a traditional essay. We've gathered the following advice from writing centres to help you with non-traditional assignments, such as writing for wikis, blogs, websites, audiovisual projects, social media, and more. 

Writing a Podcast Script

It is essential to prepare for each episode of your podcast. The best podcast episodes usually sound like casual, free-flowing conversations, but this can take hours of planning! In order to stay on track or run an effective interview with a guest, make sure to gather your thoughts and have topics and information prepared. A great way to achieve this is by creating a podcast script, which might cover the following elements:

  • Standard podcast introduction
  • Welcome message that incorporates an introduction to host(s), guest(s), and topic
  • Transitions between segments (can be spoken or a musical cue)
  • Structure for the story you're trying to tell
  • Interview questions for guests
  • Standard outro and credits

We've gathered the following resources to help you develop a podcast script: