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Digital Storytelling

A guide that gets you started in the art of Digital Storytelling

Find Podcasts

Multimedia resources like podcasts are increasingly being accepted as sources for research papers. To help you get started with searching for podcasts, we've compiled some recommendations for where to find and listen to podcasts. 

Search for Podcasts

Podcast Websites and Search Engines


You can find podcast episodes on a specific topic by entering a keyword into Google, with the word podcast before or after it. On the search results page, you can find podcast episodes that match your search term under the heading Podcast. 

Screenshot of a Google search for podcasts on migration.

Listen to Podcasts

Podcast listening apps are often referred to as "podcatchers." In addition to streaming or downloading podcasts, you can use these apps to search for podcasts or browse them by category or topic. 

Need help using a podcast app? Check out the guides below for further information: