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Digital Storytelling

A guide that gets you started in the art of Digital Storytelling

Research for Digital Storytelling

You will need to do research in order to build out the content of you digital story. Here are some videos showing you how to find a variety of resources that you might be able to use: 

1. Find sources : 

Have questions about finding sources? Ask for research help from University of Toronto Libraries.

2. Evaluate Sources: Choose the best sources for your digital story.  


  •  Type of Source:  Does it fulfill your assignment requirements and/or information needs? 
  • Relevance of Source:  Is the source relevant to your research topic?  Is it relevant to your discipline?    How will it help you discuss your research question or thesis?
  • Additional criteria:  Consider the RADAR test to evaluate and select sources.

3. Research help:

Additionally, please find some videos below that will help you develop a strong search strategy and focus. 


How to Choose Keywords

Making your Searches More Efficient

Boolean Operators
Boolean Modifiers
Find an Article by Topic
Focus your Research Topic

Guides and Additional Resources