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MUI1040H: Socially Sustainable Cities: Theory, Policy, and Practice (Fall 2023)

What is a Scholarly Resource?

What do Scholarly Journal Articles look like?

  • describe and present the hypothesis, methodology and results of research
  • includes an abstract or a short summary of the article
  • includes a list of references or a bibliography
  • are peer-reviewed or refereed
  • very specific in topic focus
  • results of research are often more current than what might appear in scholarly book
  • author(s) names include research affilations
  • text is written for a research audience 
  • little or no advertising displayed

What do Scholarly Books look like?

  • presents research findings with a broader scope
  • includes a list of references or a bibliography
  • author(s) names include research affiliations
  • text is written for a research audience 
  • publisher is often (but not always) a academic or university press



What are Scholarly/Peer Reviewed Resources?

Video produced by UTM Library staff.

Check to see if your Journal Articles are Scholarly (Refereed/Peer-Reviewed)

Evaluating your Scholarly Resources

Consider these criteria when evaluating your research resources:

Authority --Who is the author? What is their background/expertise?

Publisher information --Is it an academic /university press?

Currency --Is the information up to date? Is more recent research available?

Audience Level --Is the text written for a research audience? University students? General public? What is the tone of the writing? Serious or breezy?

Content Reliability/Accuracy -- is the information presented fact or opinion? Is it referenced? Can it be confirmed by other sources?