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MGHC53: Introduction to Industrial Relations

Fall 2021

Welcome MGHC53!

For your assignment, you are asked to develop a culturally relevant public health strategy, centered on initiating or increasing Covid-19 vaccine take-up. You are to focus on specific cultural groups, as per the assignment description shared by your professor. In particular, you are to consider:

  • vaccine production/supply data
  • measures of vaccine indifference
  • vaccination rates
  • availability of vaccines
  • ease of obtaining vaccines
  • types of vaccines
  • historical data on other public health campaigns
  • factors affecting ethno-cultural groups' ability and motivation to vaccinate

In addition, the datasets provided by the organizations can be leveraged to further understand the communities/the issues at stake.

Furthermore, the effectiveness and implications of your recommendations must be clearly based on the available evidence (empirical/theoretical), as per the academic literature.

Use this Research Guide for:

  • Getting an overview of the research process
  • Accessing peer-reviewed journal articles
  • Learning what constitutes plagiarism and how to cite properly
  • Accessing library services and support

Research guide location: