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VIC187: Prosperity, Justice & Sustainability: Intro to Public Policy

Public policy: reports, research papers +

Public Policy: interest/advocacy groups and think tanks

This is not a comprehensive list, just a few leads.
Additionally, the organizations listed below are intended to represent a wide variety of ideological perspectives.

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Also navigate to their Publications page 
and if applicable, their Ontario Office page and select the Reports & Studies tab 

The Institute for Research on Public Policy

"The IRPP seeks to improve public policy in Canada by generating research, providing insight and informing debate on current and emerging policy issues facing Canadians and their governments."

The Fraser Institute

Near the top of the page, find and click on the "Research" link that will provide a dropdown menu of specific themes.

C.D. Howe Institute

The page linked above features reports, op-eds, memos +
Please note that you can focus in on specific thematic areas in the column on the right side of the page.

Canadian Council on Social Development

Note on the Policy Initiatives page linked above, there are links to all of their previous/older publications and to their policy statements and briefs. 


The Tamarack Institute

The page linked above, has thematic sections on different issues, click on one and their resources related to that problem or issue will be listed. Additionally, you can click on "See Full Library" for articles and webinars at the top of this page.


Policy Horizons Canada

*Federal Gov't Organization* that uses the "Foresight Method . . . to inform policy development on complex public policy problems". They produce content for academic and public interest (they do not publish commentary on policy decisions of the Government).